Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thanks to Everly I'm doing one to!

Fairlight is listening to...
Everly's piano lesson.
Outside my window...
White skys, dripy trees,
stepping stones and a glimps of the
medow through the woods.
I am wearing...
A comfortable brown Tshirt
blue jeans and white and pink socks
I am proud of...
willin for cheering Jubilee up
by popping a candy hart in her
mouth and bringing her Valentine
roses to her when she bumped her head.
I am going...
Hopefuly to my Grandparents
with Everly this weekend.
Some of my favorite things...
Hooks, lamps, and all things small.
Around the house...
Dinner begins. the piano is now silent.
and Francy settles down for the evening.